About Us

Currently serving the Dallas-Fort Worth market

At LocaLyfe, our mission is property search based on how You experience life. Everything we do is geared to finding that “personal” fit for buyers and renters either directly, or by enabling real estate professionals to get their clients in the right properties faster. It’s about saving time and getting better results.

That starts with the basics – which means understanding that what is outside your home is just as important as the inside. Your address is a reflection of the entire area, the neighborhood, the city. And the same neighborhood or community isn’t right for everyone. It’s driven by your stage of life and also the things you find important in your everyday lifestyle. That could affect how you get around, how you get involved, what you do for fun, how you consume or shop, how you prioritize your surroundings, the air you breath, the noise you tolerate, and so much more.

That also means we don’t just throw a long list of locations at you and tell you to sift through the data and figure it out. We gather common and unique data – ultimately, the data that best measures what you will experience by living in a community.  We use that data to prioritize what our platform tells us is the right home and the right neighborhood just for you. Then we provide a list of personalized recommendations that are scored and ranked so you spend less time looking online at places that aren’t a good fit and never again visit a neighborhood or home that doesn’t fit you personally.