A New Era In Finding The Right Home

A New Era In Finding The Right Home

It’s never easy to find the perfect spot to settle down, no matter if it’s for a dream job, family move or just because you need a change of pace.  

You are swamped with resources and information, but none of it is geared towards you: what makes you happy, what creates healthy, sustainable communities. This results in countless hours spent searching online and visiting neighborhoods and properties that aren’t the right fit.

LocaLyfe makes it our goal to be the property finder that solves the common challenges that buyers and renters face when searching for a new home.

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to have a comprehensive, user-friendly and personalized listing service when searching for your next home. LocaLyfe, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, has developed its own advanced homefinder for both renters and buyers, introducing precise search, smart suggestions and personalized results designed to help you more efficiently and easily locate your next home. Launching in early 2019, LocaLyfe is the first company to deliver personalized property and neighborhood recommendations based on how you live (or want to live) your life.

What makes LocaLyfe special? We start with the preface that everyone is unique, so property search results should not be generic. Maybe you are early in your career, don’t drive, like to be socially and physically active, dive into community and local issues, and are just as likely to dine out or eat take-out as you are to cook. Or maybe you and your partner have kids in school, want access to the best public schools your budget allows, need space to add another kid (or 2!) and you want a low risk, bikeable, quiet and pristine environment for healthy living. Or you’ve just sent your last kid off to college; you’re ready to give up the yard for high-rise living, taking advantage of museums, galleries and night courses at the local college and some community gardening, while leaving the car parked except for weekend road trips. Through the LocaLyfe portal, you tell us how you want to live and we’ll find neighborhoods and properties tailor-made just for you.

LocaLyfe algorithms not only make the search process easier (and free) for buyers and renterss, but also support healthy, balanced and sustainable communities across the area. We believe it’s important to give people the opportunity to see what it’s like to LIVE in a new place before they move in─eliminating the “wish-I’d-known” syndrome upon move-in. It all starts with having the right information and a trusted resource at the beginning of your search, LocaLyfe.

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