Find Your Best Place to Live, Neighborhoods Tailored to You

Find Your Best Place to Live, Neighborhoods Tailored to You

This week: North Oak Lawn, Dallas Texas

Congratulations, that new job (or big raise) you landed means you can afford to move up. Time to buy or rent a new home, get a little more space, maybe in a better neighborhood closer to all the things you like to have around you. If you’re like most people, you head to one of the popular property search sites and start sifting through pretty property pictures. Got plenty of time? Because in Dallas alone there are thousands. And you’ll have plenty of competition for the best locations, especially with all the transplants from other states moving in. And that population growth is not stopping anytime soon according to the Texas Demographic Center, which projects the DFW area population to hit 13,173,646 by 2050.

Starting with property pictures on a search engine is a mistake—often these are pretty, but poor matches and waste your time. The best home in the wrong neighborhood will leave you disappointed. Where your next home is located is more important than what’s inside. Remember: you can remodel your home, you can’t remodel your neighborhood. And a great neighborhood can make a small place feel bigger.

So good, you’re focused on neighborhoods. Want to live in Dallas? You’ve got a little over 200 neighborhoods to pick from. Fort Worth? More than 280! There is so much to selecting a neighborhood. Often it comes down to your stage of life, what your community and amenity priorities are, and your time horizon.

At LocaLyfe, we pore through mountains of hyperlocal data to identify healthy, sustainable communities. Then we rank those to match your stage of life and individual priorities and interests around your daily life. Today we start a series of blogs that will each take a deep dive into one neighborhood using the same data we use to score and rank neighborhoods.


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Turtle Creek Village shops and dining

Highlights North Oak Lawn, sitting just north of downtown Dallas, is part of the larger Oak Lawn neighborhood which has more than 31,000 residents. North Oak Lawn sits as a triangle in the northern part of the Oak Lawn neighborhood. It’s apex can be found where Armstrong Parkway and Oak Lawn Ave meet, and it is bounded on the sides approximately by Hawthorne Ave and Oak Lawn Ave/Turtle Creek.