Startup Transforms DFW New Home Search

Startup Transforms DFW New Home Search

Startup Transforms DFW New Home Search


Forty-five million people in the U.S. move each year, spending hundreds of millions of hours sifting through generic information online and staring at mismatched properties. Property search is broken--in an age of more and better data, why do current property search tools treat everyone the same? LocaLyfe, Inc., launching February 4, 2019 in Dallas-Fort Worth, has developed a better, data-driven, personalized approach to finding a new home.

Localyfe’s data platform analyzes hyperlocal data and users’ lifestyle preferences to deliver personalized home and neighborhood recommendations to buyers and renters. It takes into consideration what is important to an individual in how they live their life, and applies that against hundreds of data points affecting local life. This makes property search faster, more efficient and more effective, and ultimately will result in greater satisfaction levels.

“Property search is broken,” said Brian McAllister, founder and CEO of LocaLyfe. “Over the course of a person’s home search cycle, which can be many months, people spend countless hours sifting through websites to manually narrow down their search. Then they visit numerous neighborhoods and homes in a process of discovery, trying to figure out what they want and what practically is within reach. Many of those visits are a waste of time. LocaLyfe quickly narrows down that search process for buyers and renters with a few clicks on our website and avoids the data noise.”

The LocaLyfe approach starts with scoring every neighborhood and home in a market based on criteria tied to a vision of supporting healthy, sustainable community development. That is over 1,000 neighborhoods and more than 25,000 live listings in our launch market at any given time that could have a LocaLyfe score focused on areas such as convenience of getting around, cultural and educational enrichment, healthy living, risks, nuisances, balanced demographics and economics, consumption, access to points of interest, entertainment and community involvement.

A versatile buy/rent tool that makes online property search more effective and personal is more than timely, given that:

      -    Approx. 70% of the market for new homes is comprised of Millenials, GenX and more recently GenZ--demographics who start their search online on their own, even if they eventually hire an agent.

      -    A majority of search participants are also considering rentals at the same time--more among Millenials and GenZ as they struggle with the affordability of buying.

“We believe it is important to give people a sense of what it’s like to LIVE in an area before they move in and develop the ‘wish-I’d-known’ syndrome driven by regrets,” Mr. McAllister said. “This comes from having the right information at the beginning of your search, tailored to you individually.”