Top 3 Tips When Searching For a New Home

Top 3 Tips When Searching For a New Home

Finding a new home can be a time-consuming and frustrating task for buyers and renters. Knowing where to start and tracking all the moving pieces to take into consideration can be tricky when faced with countless online home listings containing a glut of mostly generic data that doesn’t help you understand what it would be like to live in that property.

LocaLyfe delivers data that reveals what you will experience in a new home and new community based on your priorities. We score and rank locations using experiential data and locational analytics to deliver home and neighborhood recommendations uniquely aligned with your lifestyle, interests and priorities.

Here are three key considerations when searching for a new home, and how LocaLyfe can be your guide:

1. Location, Location, Location . . .

You might think that you’ve finally found the perfect home, but do you really know the neighborhood? Does it get rowdy in the evening? Is there a lot of traffic that might complicate your early mornings? Is there nearby public transportation? Will it be comfortable for your daily commute? Is it an interesting community to live in, are people engaged or checked out? How about access to stores and restaurants? Or fun outdoors things to do on weekends?

There are plenty of things to consider, so we suggest you choose the neighborhoods you connect with as a starting point then focus on the homes in those areas. LocaLyfe’s neighborhood and home recommendations highlight the key considerations buyers and renters should be aware of at each location.

2. Does size matter?

It is popular to gravitate toward bigger houses/apartments, however, keep in mind that square footage in major cities can make a big difference on your budget and the tradeoffs can be significant. Think first about things that really matter: do you need a large space for your current lifestyle, is location more important than the size and style of your home, are you in proximity to key locations, is transportation accessible? Moreover, bigger doesn’t necessarily means better - think about the layout of the space and its functionality and more importantly it’s location. A house can be intimate in square footage but an amazing neighborhood can expand your square footage significantly without the added cost!

Through LocaLyfe’s online platform, every detail you provide helps personalize your perfect match through our smart scoring system, bringing to light locations and neighborhoods that best fit your living needs.

3. Don’t compromise on your key parameters

We all know that without a little compromise it becomes impossible to find your dream home. To be proactive, make a list of things that you are willing to compromise and a list of things that are a MUST for you. Don’t try to convince yourself that you can get used to cooking in a 4x4 kitchen if it is your favorite space in the home, or having to drive 20 minutes to the nearest grocery store, shops and restaurants is ok if you really want to park and be able to walk after you get home - you’ll end up with regrets.

LocaLyfe is introducing its smart, personalized approach to of finding your new home, coming to the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area in early 2019.

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